SatAuth Solution meets the GADSS Requirements

SatAuth Solution meets GADSS Requirements

SatAuth Server

Independent Communications Server Statistics:

Weight: 2.5 kg

Height: 156 mm

Length: 202 mm

Width: 76mm

Power: NiMH batteries

  • The solution is totally independent of your avionics, with an average battery life of 60hrs
  • Recharging can be integrated into provisioned non-critical power or recharged in the terrestrial rack
  • The installation is EASA certified and can be easily installed within 4 hours  falling within a standard CKA check


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The SatAuth server is small, lightweight & free standing.

SatAuth Features

  • In-flight communications are via the Iridium satellite network, which has Global communications coverage.
  • With multiple alternative communications channels available, alternative channels can be utilised, reducing data costs. E.g. for batch transmissions.
  • The fixed antenna installed under the EASA approved STC ensures uninterrupted communications (unhindered by heating elements in the windows).
  • All Data communications are encrypted to stringent financial transaction communication requirements.
  • Additional encryption layers can be added on request.
  • All communications are encrypted and logged on the server for customer auditing purposes.
  • The server is autonomous and independently powered.
  • Prioritised Tracking function (which exceeds the ICAO GADSS 4D15 recommendations).
  • The server is designed (from a Hardware perspective) to accommodate multiple software applications.
  • This is the only on-board equipment, which has the potential for an airline to have commercial value potential (e.g. through the real-time channel to the banking interface for in-flight sales).
  • This allows the server unique flexibility to cater for future (yet undefined) airline in-flight requirements, e.g. measurement of in-flight air quality.
  • The server is powered independently and has a battery life exceeding 60hrs of transmission time.
  • The server is generic, and can be replaced with any other server – to ensure no interruption of flying time.
  • Data transmissions have reduced in size to optimise available transmission channels.
  • All servers are monitored in real-time and can be traced through independent maintenance dashboards, preventing  out-of-date software or hardware issues.
  • The installation can be completed within 4 hrs due to the specially designed tool used for installation.
  • The STC is a phased installation, and optional installation phase allowing for connection to non-critical aircraft power.
  • The server is not required to be installed in the avionics bay – and is thus not limited by this.






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