Are you a merchant in a remote location or have you considered extending your product range but were limited by the risk?
SatAuth can assist you by reducing the risk!

independent server for aircraft tracking

The SatAuth server is small, light weight & free standing.

The SatAuth aircraft tracking & map software by GAP provides clients a user friendly interface with real-time tracking for their assets.

Our Solution for the Aviation Industry

Concerned about not meeting the ICAO 4D15 requirements by 1 January 2021?
SatAuth does not only meet – but exceeds these requirements!

Need to meet your aircraft tracking requirements and make you GADSS 4D/15 compliant?
Learn more how the SatAuth Solution meets the GADSS Requirements here.

Are you incurring cost to increase your aircraft safety by avoiding ‘dead zones’? Taking the long way round?
You no longer need to: you can fly directly to your preferred destination, tracking your flight along the whole way, and saving fuel and most importantly – valuable time!

Concerned about hot spots?
Increase your monitoring intervals automatically whilst flying through sensitive areas.

Concerned about a flight path?
Change the deviation allowance to be more sensitive, and get automatic notifications of all deviations.

Our primary focus area is for merchants conducting business in areas where communications infrastructures are unreliable.

For example:

  • in-flight-duty-free sales
  • cruise liners and
  • remote holiday destinations

SatAuth removes the inconvenience of requesting your guests to pay cash for purchases in remote locations. Let your customers enjoy the freedom to spend on their credit or debit cards – with NO floor limits, and NO risk!

Remove the cost of debt recovery, no auth – no sale !

SatAuth opens the opportunity for Merchants to offer MORE to their customers.

Interested in SatAuth features?

Learn about product coverage, protection, intelligence, performance and installation